In addition to our exciting development work on projects such as the eCampus Ontario web portal, Wired Solutions spent the summer of 2015 developing a number of new features and functionalities aimed at updating  XpressLab, our proprietary online language learning and proficiency testing platform.

Check out some of the latest features and enhancements detailed below:

  1. The Interactive Globalized Resource Library
    The XpressLab resource Library provides teachers and test authors with a fully indexed e-learning resource repository. The Library shares and stores courses, activities and tests created by XpressLab users and e-learning professionals. New enhancements include: search optimized content, intuitive search functionality, extensive search and sorting filters, and single-click importing from Library directly to a user's course or activity. Imported resources can be directly assigned to students, which cuts down on time and resources spent on developing XpressLab activities, tests and courses.

    In-depth resource Previews allow teachers and test authors to review activities and courses as students will see them, as well as rate resources and add public comments and suggestions.

    In addition, to importing Library resources, teachers and test authors can now export and share their self-created content. Resources and course content can be shared privately within a user’s personal Library, publicly with all XpressLab users, or exclusively within their school board.

    To see the XpressLab Library in action, as well as to learn more about the Library’s intuitive search and importing functionalities, view our latest video tutorial available here. For more details about the exporting and sharing functionalities, view our Exporting Resources to the XpressLab Library tutorial.

  2. User-Generating Reporting and Activity Timelines
    Student Activity graphs provide a real-time overview of student logins, views, saves and submissions, while details reports can be generated through the newly released Reporting Engine.

    Our new comprehensive Reporting Engine allows teachers and administrative users to choose from a number of in-depth analytic metrics to further investigate student performance. All reports can be exported to CSV format for easy LMS import.
  3. Improved Authoring Interface
    Activities and tests are created in XpressLab’s slide-based authoring interface. A number of innovative tools allow teachers and teach authors to create e-learning resources using a number of interactive elements such as: audio recordings, video clips, pictures, text, shapes and more.

    With our latest step of updates, we’ve increased the usability of the Authoring interface by updating the tools and interface with easy-to-recognize authoring elements and widgets. Audio recording, video clips, images and documents can now be dragged and dropped directly into question and response slides easily and effectively, once again reducing the amount of time it takes to create courses, activities and tests within the platform as well as making it easier for new users to get started!
  4. New Video Upload Widget Supporting YouTube, Vimeo and Self-Recorded Clips

    Our new video widget allows teachers and test authors to add video clips from YouTube and Vimeo as well as self-recorded clips. Video clips are added directly into question and response slides, creating an engaging and interactive learning environment.

    Embedding and recording videos is as as as entering the video URL or recording a clip through the video widget using a webcam device. To preview the new video widget in action, please see our Adding Video Clips in XpressLab tutorial.
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