Creating and maintaining a website has become a mandatory requirement for businesses, regardless of the industry.  Most businesses rely on a number of third party services such as Amazon for e-commerce functions or Wordpress to manage blogs. In more complex situations, such as websites for post-secondary institutions, an external learning management software is often utilized. With the goal of every website ultimately being to drive user engagement and achieve conversions (i.e. web actions become sales, store visits, etc.), integrating a business’s existing online functions becomes essential.

A cohesive online presence involves a customized website that seamlessly integrates the client’s properties into one unified and branded experience. Each time a site visitor is required to leave your website to complete an action, such as paying for a product, registering for an event or reading your latest articles, the user’s engagement with your website diminishes and the chance to reinforce your communications objective is lost. That is why integration is an important part of the websites we develop at Wired Solutions.

In our latest project with SouthWestern College, we developed an engaging online presence that integrates online enrollment and payment functionality, allowing students to enroll in courses and programs directly through the website.

To achieve this functionality, Wired Solutions fully integrated with SouthWestern’s learning management software (Blackboard). Through this integration, the College’s learning management software effectively “speaks” to the SouthWestern website in order to retrieve and display official course codes and programs. SouthWestern site visitors are then able to directly register to their courses/programs of interest, without leaving the SouthWestern website.  This integration ultimately allows site visitors to add courses to their shopping cart as well as process payments directly through SouthWestern College.

Upon checkout, the Southwestern website then speaks to the learning management system once again to create a user account in both databases. This means that once a site visitors registers and pays for a program, an official user account is creating in the learning management system as well as in the College’s databases. As a result, the new registrant is officially enrolled in the program and can begin receiving course content, tracking marks and working towards program completion.

To facilitate the online transaction process, Wired Solutions also integrated with Beanstream payment gateway to securely accept and verify credit card payments.

Here's how the process appears to site users:

  1. The site user selects a program or course, which is integrated through Blackboard LMS and selects "Enroll Now".
  2. The course is added to the user's shopping cart. When the user has finished added all of their programs of interest, he/she selects the "Check Out Now" button.
  3. The user is prompeted to create an account by filling in their payment information. The payment transaction is completed through integration with Beanstream payment processing. When the user fills out this form, a user account is automatically created on Blackbloard LMS using this form data. The user is now officially enrolled in the program on both the SouthWestern website and within Blackboard.

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