Custom software development is a complex process and a strong understanding of a project’s unique requirements and objectives are necessary in order to mitigate any potential risks of failure.

At Wired Solutions, we utilize a highly collaborative and agile approach to large scale, complex development initiatives. In addition to our proven development methodology, our team continues to adapt to the unique project management styles of each of our clients. This ability to integrate our methodology while still adapting to our client’s preferences, ensures that our team is able to keep our development projects on track from inception to completion.

Some of the key elements to our project management and development methodology include:

  • Agile Development with Scrum: Our project team has a daily meeting to brainstorm ideas, review current tasks and address any challenges our team members may be working through, keeping the entire team focused and informed.
  • Short Iterations:  All of our development work for a given project is scheduled in short two week cycles. This enables us to check-in on a project’s timeline frequently, which allows us to quickly re-evaluate whether or not additional team members are required to keep the project on track.
  • Frequent Client Meetings:  Frequent client meetings are scheduled so our project manager can update the client on progress, ask for clarifications on questions that have arisen, and request approval on key milestones. 
  • Issue Tracking:  For each and every development project, we utilize a full featured bug and issue tracking system within our proprietary project management system Wired Manager.  Our clients are able to login to Wired Manager and add tickets for issues, track the progress of existing issues and engage our team in discussions regarding specific items.
  • Continuous Automated Testing:  As custom software is developed, we incorporate automated tests as part of the process to ensure the code runs properly.  These tests are run nightly, so our team is notified immediately if changes made during development have affected previously written code.  This greatly improves the quality of code, and virtually eliminates dreaded runtime errors.
  • Acceptance Testing:  At key milestones, our lead developer will deploy an acceptance testing server, allowing a client to log in to and provide feedback on the progress.  Acceptance testing is a continuous part of each project, and ensures that our client is kept abreast of how the project is shaping, providing an opportunity for constant feedback.

Does your organization have a complex development project in mind? Are you looking for effective methods of improving workflows, analyzing user databases, expanding your services and more?

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