Wired Solutions, a Windsor Ontario (Canada) based web-development agency is seeking an experienced Web Designer to join our development team. We are looking for someone to join our design team who can backup their design skills with solid technical know how of hand-coded markup and CSS. If you are a graphic designer who has dabbled a bit in web-design, be careful, the requirements below are going to scare the heck out of you!

The successful candidate will possess the following skills:

  • Minimum 2yrs web-design experience
  • Clean, hand-coded markup is a must
  • Solid understanding of  HTML5
  • Master of CSS
  • Gets a headache when they see a <font> tag.
  • Comfortable working with JQuery code provided by our programmers
  • Some exposure to mobile development (native and web) an asset
  • Gets irritated when they see a website designed in tables
  • Works well in a team environment, even with anti-social programmers.

If you feel that you meet all the requirements above, we would love to hear from you! Please submit your resume along with your portfolio of web design projects.

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