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Custom Application Development & Complete Web Solutions

Wired Solutions is a full service web development agency located in Windsor, Ontario. Since 1998, our team has developed complex web and software applications for private and public sector clients across the country. We specialize in complex, large scale and customized web application development, integrated design and online marketing strategies. From public sector clients, including provincial ministries, higher learning facilities and public health agencies, to private sector business owners, we provide software solutions that solve real business needs. Let us help you fulfill your online and business objectives with fully integrated web-based solutions.

  • Full service web development agency.
  • Specialized in developing complex & customized web-based software and application development.
  • Committed to personal, one-on-one consultation and service.
  • Innovating & empowering businesses by streamlining work processes and engaging internal and external stakeholders through interactivity.

An iterative, full service approach to creating custom applications.

Our multi-faceted approach to development allows us to work directly with our clients from project inception to completion, ensuring a high-quality error-free final product.

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Custom CMS Functionality Helps the SBC Create an Interactive Web Experience

As a local Windsor business with an entrepreneurial spirit, Wired Solutions was thrilled to take the lead on designing, developing and implementing a truly interactive and immersive web environment for our friends at the Windsor Essex Small Business Centre (SBC) and their local clients.

The ability to quickly and easily build, publish and edit timely content, such as news articles and upcoming events, is a common requirement of many corporate websites in today’s content-driven digital landscape. More and more business are recognizing the necessity of building their websites with a robust content management system as the central framework.

With Wired CMS powering this new website development project, we leveraged the platform’s numerous built-in modules to make it easy and effective for SBC staff to add, edit and delete web pages, customize navigation, add photos and graphics, and make on-the-go changes via the system’s secured admin portal.

To accommodate seamless event management, we added custom functionality to our Event Management module feature. This module was developed to allow website visitors to view upcoming events, access event details, and register for events online by filling out a customizable registration form. Registration information was programmed to be automatically sent to event owners via email.

Key features of the Event Management Module include:

  • Data Control: An event administrator can name the event, select a single or series of dates for the event, select a session time for the event, add event details, input a location, and choose whether or not to include online registration for the event.
  • Event Listings: Displays events in a dynamically driven stylized listing.  Event listings include the event name, location, and date, as well as the logo/image associated with the event, where applicable.
  • Event Detail Pages: Dynamically created based on the event entry into the system. Users can click on an event in the list to view a dedicated page with full details and a dynamic map of the event’s location.
  • Google Map Integration: Uses a dynamic Google Map to pinpoint the event location for end-users.
  • Event Widgets: Created for the major sections of the website to report on upcoming events.  For example, a widget on the homepage will display the next 5 upcoming events.
  • Full Searching: Allows end-users to use keywords to search for events.

Curious about what adding an event might look like in Wired CMS? Check out the picture below.

Simply entering the information in the form fields and selecting an image creates an interactive event listing on the front-end of the website, as illustrated on the SBC site:

Web forms are an important tool for gathering information about prospective clients. Contact forms, resource download forms, and information request forms, are all powerful tools for creating a successful digital marketing strategy.

For the SBC, we utilized an easy-to-use web interface found in the admin area to allow SBC admin users the ability to create submission form fields that will appear in the front-end of the website. We ensured that admin users were able to quickly and easily specify the data type (i.e. form question), while the system automatically validated each entry (i.e. the answer provided by the site visitor). Each submission form was programmed with an corresponding HTML formatted email template that is fully editable by SBC admin users within the form manager.

SBC gained  control over the email content, as well as which fields are posted in the email, and the ability to specify which admin users are in charge of reviewing the email. Adding a form is as easy as dragging and dropping the form widget into the layout area. Our Data Form Management module, offered SBC the following functionality:

  • Form Generation: Through an easy to use web-interface in the administration area, it is easy to create the submission forms that are shown in the front-end of the website.  Administrators have total control over the fields, their data types/ form question types (textbox, checkbox, dropdowns etc), as well as their sort order.
  • Field Validation: Specify the expected data entry type (i.e. answer form) and the system automatically validates the entry. For example, you can specify a textbox with a data type of ‘email’ which will validate that the user enters a properly formatted email address.
  • Email Templates: Each submission form has an HTML formatted email template that is fully editable within the form manager.  Admin users maintain full control over the email content, which fields are posted to the email as well as full control over which admin users receive  the email.
  • Form Widgets: Submission forms created in the administration area can be plugged into any web-page on the front-end with form widgets. Simply plug in or drag-drop the widget into the layout area, select the form to display, then the page will display the selected submission form.

Simply set the field in the admin portal:

All of the questions found in within a given form and be edited at any time:

Forms are displayed on the front end of the website to help gather information about prospective clients:

Building an interactive web environment is important for ensuring that web visitors are enjoying a positive web experience. However, this interactive experience must be made available to all users – regardless of their device, platform, for personal circumstances.

By integrating a Google Translate widget directly into page content, we were able to facilitate the translation of on-page content using any of Google’s support languages. In this way, the site experience for non-English speaking is not compromised, as they can translate the entire site at the click of a button. Incorporating our responsive design platform and our extensive experience with AODA compliancy regulation (such as allowing site visitors to change font size), we were able to guarantee the same interactive experience for all site visitors.

Interested in learning more about the Windsor Essex Small Business Centre project? Visit our portfolio at If you're looking to create an interactive, intutitive web experience for your business, contact Wired Solutions via email at or toll free at 1-877-549-4733.

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AFMC Student Portal Goes Live!

In June 2013, Wired Solutions was named the lead software developer for the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) Student Portal.

Over the past several months, our entire team has been working diligently alongside the AFMC team to design, develop and implement an all new online tool to act as a one-stop-shop for Canadian and international students applying for visiting electives at all faculties of medicine across Canada.

The application, developed by Wired Solutions to streamline the elective placement process for students, includes a searchable database of all visiting electives offered in Canada, PCI compliant payment processing, and a communication hub that keeps students informed about their application status.

We are excited to announce that as of November 2014, eligible medical students are now able to apply through the AFMC Student Portal for visiting electives at seven faculties of medicine in Canada. Medical students around the world are being encouraged to use the AFMC Student Portal’s Visiting Elective Guide to explore information about visiting electives available across Canada.

Wired Solutions developed the Visiting Elective Guide as an online central database of visiting elective opportunities that can be used to search for opportunities at any time, without requiring the user to register for a Student Portal account or submit an application.

Check out the AFMC Student Portal launch video here.

Key features of the publically accessible AFMC Student Portal Visiting Elective Guide include:

  • The ability to perform a keyword search for visiting elective opportunities in Canada, without the need to register for an account or submit an application.

  • A fully bilingual database of electives – allowing site visitors to select their preferred language.

  • The ability to refine an elective search using Filter options such as Host Institutions, Specialty, and Language.

  • The ability to select a Faculty of Medicine and review a detailed Institution profile with comprehensive information about the institution, including contact details, policy information, and more.

  • The ability to review a full, comprehensive list of all available elective opportunities within a particular institution of choice, including extensive information regarding the area of specialty, the subspecialty, the location of the elective, the academic year in which the elective is offered, the language in which the elective is offered, and much more.

For more information about Wired Solutions’ role in as the developer and designer of the AFMC Student Portal project, visit our portfolio here. For recent updates about the launch of the Student Portal at each of the faculties of medicine across Canada, visit the AFMC official website.

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A Custom Analytics Dashboard Helps Applied Process Improve & Monitor Their Online Presence

As a trusted leader in the austempering industry, our friends at Applied Process (AP) remain deeply committed to delivering important and informative content to their audiences in a way that is personalized and easy to access.

A commitment to understanding and better serving their clientele lead AP to invest their time and resources into monitoring their online metrics. With many engineers, buyers and foundry professionals connecting with AP via their digital environment, AP recognized the power of leveraging the way their clients navigate their website and interacted with their content.

Like most organizations, Applied Process relied heavily on Google Analytics to help them research and investigate the effectiveness of their digital presence. However, the AP management team quickly grew frustrated and overwhelmed with the sea of numbers and jargon that dominated their Google Analytics account.

Consulting with Wired Solutions revealed that a dedicated, secure user dashboard for the AP management team would be the ideal way to streamline the most imperative digital metrics in one easy-to-use, institutive user interface.
In response, Wired Solutions developed a custom Google Analytics Dashboard, where the AP management can login and effectively review their most critical digital metrics at-a-glance.

Using Google Analytics’ incredible tool set, Wired Solutions programmed the dashboard to capture the most influential metrics, without all the jargon and numbers. Using basic charts and graphs, only the metrics that are most relevant to AP’s digital objectives are displayed.  This includes a snap shot of metrics, such as:

  • The number of site visitors per month
  • The geographic location of web visitors
  • Time spent on site
  • The percentage of mobile visitors versus desktop visitors
  • Conversation rates (aggregated by on-site content); and
  • Bounce rates

After programming the custom dashboard, Wired Solutions shared the dashboard with AP’s management team, allowing any user with access to Applied Process’s Google Analytics account to login and review the dashboard at their leisure. 

In addition, Wired Solutions was able to extend the dashboard interface to include custom reporting and automatic email triggers to deliver weekly, monthly and/or quarterly updates directly to each account owner’s inbox.
Below is an example of a custom dashboard similar to the one we developed for Applied Process:

The summary charts located on the right side of the dashboard display metrics that are specific to the user’s online objectives. In this example, the user is interested in closely monitoring the percentage of total site visitors that have downloaded a news article, filled out a request for more information, and interacted with the contact form.

On the left side of the dashboard, users can monitor the number of site visitors per session as well as the average amount of time site visitors are spending on their website.  In addition, users are able to change the date range to investigate and cross compare metrics over any time period.

By streamlining this data, the custom dashboard makes it easier for business owners, marketing teams and business managers to monitor only the metrics that are most crucial to their online goals.

Ultimately, streamlining analytics data makes it easier for businesses to investigate and respond to the dynamic needs of their existing and potential clients. Using snapshots of real-time data allows business owners to make informed decisions that improve their online presence, which ultimately helps businesses better serve their clients and build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

Could a custom dashboard help your business better understand your target audience? To find out more about using Google Analytics to make informed business decisions that support your digital objectives, contact Wired Solutions at or toll free at 1-877-549-4733.


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