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Custom Application Development & Complete Web Solutions

Wired Solutions is a full service web development agency located in Windsor, Ontario. Since 1998, our team has developed complex web and software applications for private and public sector clients across the country. We specialize in complex, large scale and customized web application development, integrated design and online marketing strategies. From public sector clients, including provincial ministries, higher learning facilities and public health agencies, to private sector business owners, we provide software solutions that solve real business needs. Let us help you fulfill your online and business objectives with fully integrated web-based solutions.

  • Full service web development agency.
  • Specialized in developing complex & customized web-based software and application development.
  • Committed to personal, one-on-one consultation and service.
  • Innovating & empowering businesses by streamlining work processes and engaging internal and external stakeholders through interactivity.

An iterative, full service approach to creating custom applications.

Our multi-faceted approach to development allows us to work directly with our clients from project inception to completion, ensuring a high-quality error-free final product.

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Wired Solutions is in the Running for Another Pan-Canadian Public Sector Project

Over the past few months, Wired Solutions has continued to bid on a number of exciting national projects.

Our growing team’s outstanding experience in complex application development, specifically in the health care, education and government verticals, has enabled us to grow our clientele and expand upon a wide variety of projects with new integrations and in depth 3rd party integrations.

Wired Solutions is once again in the running for a national Canadian wide initiative and we are looking forward to a number of fresh new endeavors this spring and summer.

Stay tuned to find out what we’ll be working on next! Our latest news headlines can be found on our blog.

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Wired CMS Video Tutorial Series Helps Users Train Staff and Improve Workflows

Wired CMS, Wired Solutions’ proprietary content management system, allows our clients to easily and effectively add, edit and/or delete content across all pages of their website.

In addition, customized modules within this robust CMS, allows site administrators to easily add, edit and delete data forms, documents and templates throughout their website.

Our new online video tutorial series helps existing users get the most out of their system. The series includes step-by-step instructions on a variety of topics, including: Creating Pages, Adding Images, Creating Data Forms, Managing Photo Galleries and more.

All videos within the series are indexed to allow users to quickly jump to areas of interest. The series is proving to effectively replace onsite training for our new and existing clients.

Check out the Wired CMS tutorial series here. If you’re currently a user of Wired CMS and are interested in exploring custom screencasts for your system, contact us at

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XpressLab – A Diverse Multimedia-Based Language Learning and Assessment Platform

The XpressLab platform is a robust language assessment and multimedia course authoring software.

XpressLab is well suited for assessments of all types. The platform allows users to go beyond the typical constraints of text or image based stimulus content, making it easy to add audio recordings or videos directly into courseware and/or online assessments. Courses and assessments can be made from scratch or imported from an existing Word document.

Here's a look at how the platform works.

From the dashboard, an admin user can view their existing courses/assesments, create a new activity, access the Library of shared activities, import an activity and more.

Creating assessments and courses is as easy as creating a document in Word or Powerpoint. Adding a recorded audio clip and/or adding the ability for test candiates to record their responses is as easy as selecting the item from the Editing panel.

The dynamic Library allows users to share their courseware and/or assessments with users from their schoolboard or globally.

All of the sophisticated tools and activities found in XpressLab have been expertly designed to target listening comprehension and speaking skills, offering users the following benefits:

  • Complete integration with existing Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Fully customizable solutions
  • The ability to publish and share content
  • Multimedia course authoring tools
  • The ability to drive knowledge retention

Using the platform, test candidates are able to interact with standard multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank and essay questions. In addition, test candidates can also interact with unique response types such as recording audio as part of their answers.

Currently, XpressLab is in use in all grade 1 through 12 schools funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education. This province wide license allows teachers to use XpressLab to author course content and assess student proficiencies all within a secure web-based environment. Proficiency tests are constantly delivered to students through the XpressLab system, and teachers are able to perform their scoring of the tests through the scoring module.

While traditionally used in the education sector, Wired Solutions is actively involved in customizing the base features of XpressLab in order to meet the needs of specific initiatives of various industries including:

  • Government Representatives: Optimizing project management with fully customizable solutions for dynamic language assessment and competency evaluations.
  • Higher Education Institutions:  Streamlining proficiency assessments, elevating course delivery with multimedia integration, and connecting published content to a library of shared resources; and
  • Corporations/Business Professionals: Evaluating the language competency of foreign training or bilingual employees before launching international projects, business development strategies or multi-lingual, cross-cultural campaigns.

Wired Solutions is preparing to release a slew of new features and upgrades to the platform over the next several months. For more information on the platform, including how the system can facilitate your unique needs, contact Wired Solutions at

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