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An iterative, full service approach to custom programming

Creating fully integrated web-based applications that drive the value of your business requires the dedicated experience of web development experts that live and breathe technology.

At Wired Solutions, we specialize in developing comprehensive custom software applications for clients seeking advanced security, scalability and complex data integration.

For over 17 years, Wired Solutions has been developing database-driven, custom applications and end-to-end software solutions for a number of large scale Pan-Canadian and public sector projects. We specialize in providing software design and architecture, implementation, testing and deployment services for both public and private sector clients, with a strong focus on the government, health care and education verticals.

Our in-house team of web professionals maintains direct experience designing and developing customized, complex e-learning software systems, portal applications and repositories that integrate a number of complex databases into one, user-friendly, centralized location. Our ability to develop using the latest frameworks, as well as our understanding of complex third party API integration, accessibility requirements and governmental security protocol standards, ensures that we continually deliver robust, fully integrated software solutions that directly match the needs of our clients.

Flexibility is at the core of our development strategy. We understand technology and are dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest programming languages and technology trends. Our agile approach to development and project management allows us to plan for unpredictability, while also ensuring the longevity and scalability of our final solutions.

Specialties & Solutions:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • UX Design & Software Prototyping
  • Software Security Architecture
  • Iterative & Agile Approach to Development
  • Software Testing & QA
  • Access to Powerful Proprietary Software Engines

Comprehensive Software Solutions

Our multi-faceted approach to development allows us to work directly with our clients from project inception to completion, ensuring a high-quality error-free final product.

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XpressLab Update Boosts 21st Century in Ontario Classrooms

In addition to our exciting development work on projects such as the eCampus Ontario web portal, the Wired Solutions team spent the summer of 2015 developing a number of new features and functionalities aimed at updating  XpressLab, our proprietary online language learning and proficiency testing platform.

Highlighted below are just a few of the key features and enhancements released to XpressLab users in September 2015, just in time for the 2015/2016 academic year! 

  1. The Interactive Globalized Resource Library
    The XpressLab resource Library provides teachers and test authors with a fully indexed e-learning resource repository. The Library shares and stores courses, activities and tests created by XpressLab users and e-learning professionals. New enhancements include: search optimized content, intuitive search functionality, extensive search and sorting filters, and single-click importing of resources from the Library directly to a user’s existing course or activity or as a brand new course within the user’s personal account. Once resources are imported, teachers and test authors can edit and assign the content to their students - significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to create activities, tests and courses with XpressLab.

    Additional enhancements include in-depth resource previews in which teachers and test authors can preview activities and courses as students will see them, as well as rate resources and add public comments and suggestions.

    In addition, to importing Library resources, teachers and test authors can also export and share content created within their own XpressLab account. Resources and course content can be shared privately within a user’s personal Library, publicly with all XpressLab users, or exclusively within their school board.

    To see the XpressLab Library in action, as well as to learn more about the Library’s intuitive search and importing functionalities, view our latest video tutorial available here. For more details about the exporting and sharing functionalities, view our Exporting Resources to the XpressLab Library tutorial.

  2. User-Generating Reporting and Activity Timelines
    Student Activity graphs provide a real-time overview of student logins, views, saves and submissions, while details reports can be generated through the newly released Reporting Engine.

    Our new comprehensive Reporting Engine allows teachers and administrative users to choose from a number of in-depth analytic metrics to further investigate student performance. All reports can be exported to CSV format for easy LMS import.
  3. Improved Authoring Interface
    Activities and tests are created in XpressLab’s slide-based authoring interface. A number of innovative tools allow teachers and teach authors to create e-learning resources using a number of interactive elements such as: audio recordings, video clips, pictures, text, shapes and more.

    With our latest step of updates, we’ve increased the usability of the Authoring interface by updating the tools and interface with easy-to-recognize authoring elements and widgets. Audio recording, video clips, images and documents can now be dragged and dropped directly into question and response slides easily and effectively, once again reducing the amount of time it takes to create courses, activities and tests within the platform as well as making it easier for new users to get started!
  4. New Video Upload Widget Supporting YouTube, Vimeo and Self-Recorded Clips

    Our new video widget allows teachers and test authors to add video clips from YouTube and Vimeo as well as self-recorded clips. Video clips are added directly into question and response slides, creating an engaging and interactive learning environment.

    Embedding and recording videos is as as as entering the video URL or recording a clip through the video widget using a webcam device. To preview the new video widget in action, please see our Adding Video Clips in XpressLab tutorial.
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eCampus Ontario Web Portal Connects Students to Post-Secondary Online Courses & Programs

On October 8th, 2015, the province of Ontario officially launched the eCampus Ontario web portal, a powerful online education portal developed exclusively by our team at Wired Solutions.

The portal provides Ontario post-secondary students and learners globally with immediate access to thousands of accredited online college and university courses. Currently, the portal provides a searchable catalogue of more than 13,000 online courses, registration information and more, while also allowing users to:

  • Intuitively search through high-quality online courses that are widely recognized for credit across the post-secondary sector
  • Gain real-time access to 277 new and redesigned courses with transferable credits between participating institutions
  • Interact with features and functionalities that easily and immediately identify credit transfer information; and
  • Access resources and support documents, including resources for faculty seeking support in the design and delivery of online courses.

Wired Solutions was awarded the eCampus Ontario web portal development contract in May 2015 through a competitive RFP process. We promptly began our collaborative development process alongside the Ontario Online Learning Consortium (OOLC) project team following notification of our new role as lead developers.

Throughout the development process, the Wired Solutions team was able to leverage our strengths in the higher education vertical, pulling on the skills and expertise we gained through our work on projects such as: the AFMC Student Portal, XpressLab and additional endeavours alongside our longtime partners, the Ministry of Education, Ontario.

Wired Solutions custom developed the web-based application from the ground-up, with a consistent focus on the end-user experience. To facilitate our custom approach, we leveraged a selection of our pre-developed proprietary core engines, such as the: Wired Authentication Engine, Wired Multilingual Engine, Wired Content Management, and Wired Help. These engines acts as key building blocks in the development of the eCampus Ontario portal application.

Additional technical and programming project highlights include:

  • Our custom developed, dedicated Data Exchange API that effectively retrieves course and institution data from ONCAT, and then populates information and resources within the eCampus Ontario portal in real-time. This proprietary Data Exchange API now powers the Portal’s searchable catalogue of more than 13,000 online courses, registration information and more.
  • A responsive design, complete with the latest trends in in web and UX design, which provides a sleek, modern front-end appearance that resonates with the application’s target audience and branding.
  • A fully secure, granular roles-based security model that ties each user account to an appropriate security role. Security roles are responsible for defining which areas of the portal the user may access, as well as defining the logic and functionality of the portal areas as defined by the user type (i.e. Student, Institution Admin, etc.); and
  • Full compliance with WCAG 2.0 Level AA requirements and full bilingual (English and French) support within all user interfaces, databases and client-side script files.

We are pleased to witness the incredible uptake of the eCampus Ontario portal application across the province and look forward to working closley with the team as we plan on developing additional functionality and student supports in the future!

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Custom CMS Functionality Helps the SBC Create an Interactive Web Experience

As a local Windsor business with an entrepreneurial spirit, Wired Solutions was thrilled to take the lead on designing, developing and implementing a truly interactive and immersive web environment for our friends at the Windsor Essex Small Business Centre (SBC) and their local clients.

The ability to quickly and easily build, publish and edit timely content, such as news articles and upcoming events, is a common requirement of many corporate websites in today’s content-driven digital landscape. More and more business are recognizing the necessity of building their websites with a robust content management system as the central framework.

With Wired CMS powering this new website development project, we leveraged the platform’s numerous built-in modules to make it easy and effective for SBC staff to add, edit and delete web pages, customize navigation, add photos and graphics, and make on-the-go changes via the system’s secured admin portal.

To accommodate seamless event management, we added custom functionality to our Event Management module feature. This module was developed to allow website visitors to view upcoming events, access event details, and register for events online by filling out a customizable registration form. Registration information was programmed to be automatically sent to event owners via email.

Key features of the Event Management Module include:

  • Data Control: An event administrator can name the event, select a single or series of dates for the event, select a session time for the event, add event details, input a location, and choose whether or not to include online registration for the event.
  • Event Listings: Displays events in a dynamically driven stylized listing.  Event listings include the event name, location, and date, as well as the logo/image associated with the event, where applicable.
  • Event Detail Pages: Dynamically created based on the event entry into the system. Users can click on an event in the list to view a dedicated page with full details and a dynamic map of the event’s location.
  • Google Map Integration: Uses a dynamic Google Map to pinpoint the event location for end-users.
  • Event Widgets: Created for the major sections of the website to report on upcoming events.  For example, a widget on the homepage will display the next 5 upcoming events.
  • Full Searching: Allows end-users to use keywords to search for events.

Curious about what adding an event might look like in Wired CMS? Check out the picture below.

Simply entering the information in the form fields and selecting an image creates an interactive event listing on the front-end of the website, as illustrated on the SBC site:

Web forms are an important tool for gathering information about prospective clients. Contact forms, resource download forms, and information request forms, are all powerful tools for creating a successful digital marketing strategy.

For the SBC, we utilized an easy-to-use web interface found in the admin area to allow SBC admin users the ability to create submission form fields that will appear in the front-end of the website. We ensured that admin users were able to quickly and easily specify the data type (i.e. form question), while the system automatically validated each entry (i.e. the answer provided by the site visitor). Each submission form was programmed with an corresponding HTML formatted email template that is fully editable by SBC admin users within the form manager.

SBC gained  control over the email content, as well as which fields are posted in the email, and the ability to specify which admin users are in charge of reviewing the email. Adding a form is as easy as dragging and dropping the form widget into the layout area. Our Data Form Management module, offered SBC the following functionality:

  • Form Generation: Through an easy to use web-interface in the administration area, it is easy to create the submission forms that are shown in the front-end of the website.  Administrators have total control over the fields, their data types/ form question types (textbox, checkbox, dropdowns etc), as well as their sort order.
  • Field Validation: Specify the expected data entry type (i.e. answer form) and the system automatically validates the entry. For example, you can specify a textbox with a data type of ‘email’ which will validate that the user enters a properly formatted email address.
  • Email Templates: Each submission form has an HTML formatted email template that is fully editable within the form manager.  Admin users maintain full control over the email content, which fields are posted to the email as well as full control over which admin users receive  the email.
  • Form Widgets: Submission forms created in the administration area can be plugged into any web-page on the front-end with form widgets. Simply plug in or drag-drop the widget into the layout area, select the form to display, then the page will display the selected submission form.

Simply set the field in the admin portal:

All of the questions found in within a given form and be edited at any time:

Forms are displayed on the front end of the website to help gather information about prospective clients:

Building an interactive web environment is important for ensuring that web visitors are enjoying a positive web experience. However, this interactive experience must be made available to all users – regardless of their device, platform, for personal circumstances.

By integrating a Google Translate widget directly into page content, we were able to facilitate the translation of on-page content using any of Google’s support languages. In this way, the site experience for non-English speaking is not compromised, as they can translate the entire site at the click of a button. Incorporating our responsive design platform and our extensive experience with AODA compliancy regulation (such as allowing site visitors to change font size), we were able to guarantee the same interactive experience for all site visitors.

Interested in learning more about the Windsor Essex Small Business Centre project? Visit our portfolio at If you're looking to create an interactive, intutitive web experience for your business, contact Wired Solutions via email at or toll free at 1-877-549-4733.

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